January 18, 2013

Its Weekend!

Assalamualaikum and greetings!

yoohoo!am a weekenders! but I've loads of things to think bout..

being a career person might be tiresome. everyday (ok, tipu, takla every day, bila teringat je), i tried to comfort myself with my works. sometimes i might say to myself, "Takpe, kerja kerana Allah", "Come on tim, exam plg susah pon kau leh rilek je, takkan kerja nak gelabah kot". honestly, these words might just fade away once i felt the pressure. sometimes it's not coming from the work itself but the people around. Cooperation is the hardest thing to gain but when people started to provide it, things might just become more complex and complicated. so either or, it is still the same.

Thinking that I'll need to preserve this for few months/years maybe.

Ouh, my dad nak belanja kitorg breakfast kat luar!have to stop this mumbling rambling first. Then, will go to buy some stuffs for my bro. Can't wait this 24th cause am going to have a loooooong holiday! woohoo!!


January 11, 2013

Something missing

Assalamualaikum, Sobahannur!

Greetings guys!

It's my first 2013 post!*clap3x*

Looking back my 2012..It's not that great..But there is some greatness in something i did.
One of unforgettable moments was Mystery Drive. I've been longing to do something fun and leave my work behind. Well, at least for few days.

So, went to join the mystery drive program with my close buddy, fainabob and our collegue, Puan. the journey started from shah alam, goes to nilai, continues to johor and ends at melaka. It was tiresome but fun at the same time.

On the next day, both fainabob and me went food hunting. We ate 'icilly' and it was delicious. Haven't heard about icilly? Icilly was a store which sell healthy ice cream. the ice cream was freshly made with fruits and ice cream base. at least, you knew the ice cream you ate was originally made from fruits and it was made in front of you. am addicted to it! Oh Mr & Mrs Icilly, please open a branch around here (selangor/Shah alam *need to mention the place :p*) please! ouh, puan went back on the same day we ends our mystery drive. She's a dedicated mom!

besides icilly, we went to eat asam pedas as well. Quite good, but we've found better place. :)

However,that was one of unforgettable moments in 2012~~
I really miss hanging out with my buddies and be my own self. I think I've lost myself little by little... T-T


October 23, 2012


assalamualaikum and greetings,

it really hurts when people cares on materials more than human...

i know, it's been a long months and i do planned to properly update my blog. but now, am really hurt..sorry

July 16, 2011

Only within the second weeks!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t and greetings!

hey,what a day yesterday!went to work like 15mins late and it's raining!me always thinks that kesas highway is always free from traffic jammed. however, yesterday, my punch card got a red highlight!thanks to the traffic jammed and to myself!padan muka!sape suruh bajet pegi keje mcm pegi kelas time belajar dulu kan...hohoho..

good day everybody!

July 9, 2011


Assalamualaikum and hello mellow!

bos::cakap pasal lot ni,awak tau tak lot tu ape?
bos::satu lot ni ade byk ni..(adela..rahsia..haha)
me::*eh,aku da angguk td tanampak ke?*
ade ke patot...kate pi tgk plant,skali drag aku pi meeting plak..*blur!*

Berdebar2 sy dok kat meeting tu.manela tau ade org tny ape-ape nnt.ape sy nk tabur?skang ni, pagi2 pi keje mst rse nervous.sebab:

1. pikir hrni nk wat ape
2. takut bos tny ape2 then sy pon blur nk jwb ape
3. kalau kene pi lawat mane2, sy n encik tu nnt nk ckp ape?sy tak biasa berborak dengan org yg jaoh sgt beza umur dengan sy ni.

jauh dlm sudut hati,ade gak terfikir.kalau time study dulu best. lecturer tny ape2 buat2 tak pandang ke,buat2 tulis notes ke,senangla sket.at least sambil2 tu bole tny org sebelah. skarang ni..sy dah rindu zaman belajar!huaaaaaaa....