January 18, 2013

Its Weekend!

Assalamualaikum and greetings!

yoohoo!am a weekenders! but I've loads of things to think bout..

being a career person might be tiresome. everyday (ok, tipu, takla every day, bila teringat je), i tried to comfort myself with my works. sometimes i might say to myself, "Takpe, kerja kerana Allah", "Come on tim, exam plg susah pon kau leh rilek je, takkan kerja nak gelabah kot". honestly, these words might just fade away once i felt the pressure. sometimes it's not coming from the work itself but the people around. Cooperation is the hardest thing to gain but when people started to provide it, things might just become more complex and complicated. so either or, it is still the same.

Thinking that I'll need to preserve this for few months/years maybe.

Ouh, my dad nak belanja kitorg breakfast kat luar!have to stop this mumbling rambling first. Then, will go to buy some stuffs for my bro. Can't wait this 24th cause am going to have a loooooong holiday! woohoo!!


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